Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Citizens of NE Japan Warned to Stay Indoors as Radiation Levels Rise

3.31 2011 Update: ALERT: Dangerous levels of radiation are now escaping the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and in Tokyo and northeastern Japan residents are being warned to stay indoors on 3.31.2011, and NOT to drink the tap water, or bathe in it. There is such a scarcity of news on this issue in the USA that I would venture to call it a virtual "news blackout" on how much radiation is now passing over the continental US. The weather website indicates that plumes reaching US shores and washing over the mainland have tiny to negligible levels of radioactive material. But those living in Japan near the Fukushima Plant, up to a 50 mile radius at least, should remain indoors on 3.31.2011. Go to these links on the international weather forecasting site to see up to the minute jet stream flows for airborne Iodine-131 and Caesium-137: ALERT: For those in Japan stay indoors on 3.31.11 due to dangerous radiation plume from Fukushima plant. watch?v=Puo59a5sTC4

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