Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chemtrails: More Info

Chemtrails more info
What Are "Tesla Domes"?

Hair-raising interview with AC Griffith, discussing the covert aerosol program popularly known as "chemtrails." He says it is being run out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and is code named "Project Cloverleaf" within the aviation industry, where he says it has now been farmed out to commercial companies.

Griffiths, who says he has held high security clearances in the past states that he obtained his information from people working within the Cloverleaf program who were "dissatisfied." His motive for going public is patriotic.

He says Cloverleaf is a Black Budget program that was originally planned during the Reagan Administration and is among the most "secretive things" that he has ever encountered.

He says the spraying of barium salts in the atmosphere relates to scalar weapons systems, which behave like powerful gravitational fields. He says the US is behind in the development of scalar weapons in comparison to other countries and that "we do not have adequate defenses against them." He says Air Alaska has frequently encountered problems, from other countries' use of scalar weapons.

Griffiths states that his investigation of chemtrails led him to several unexpected discoveries, including the actual means of
modern missile defense, which is not as it is presented. He claims that it is actually being afforded by scalar "Tesla Domes."

He also makes some scary statements about the "pre-positioning of atomic devices" in US and Russian cities...

This interview is accompanied by time lapse and still images of chemtrails, taken in the Dallas area during April 2010.

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