Friday, April 8, 2011

Monday, April 11: Anti-Fracking Event in Albany, NY

On Monday April, 11th, hundreds of New Yorkers from across the state will be in Albany at the State Capitol for a rally to protect our water, health, and communities from the documented dangers of dirty gas drilling called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” (See what we are doing about fracking in NY state today; After the rally, these New Yorkers will meet with state lawmakers to share their concerns about fracking. If you can’t make it to Albany for the rally, send someone in your place. Your gift of $32 will pay for one New Yorker to join us for this important day. Please help us bring folks from across the state to speak out on this issue with your donation today; Environmental Advocates of New York is working hard with a diverse coalition of groups to coordinate the fracking rally. We are renting two buses to bring activists from Syracuse and New York City to the state capital to speak up on behalf of our water and our health. The buses cost $3,200, and we want to be able to bring as many New Yorkers to Albany as possible. We have more than $1,100 already! We need to raise this money by Saturday, April 9th, to get the buses ready for Monday’s rally. We’re encouraging rally participants to wear blue to highlight the need to protect New York’s water from fracking. We want to bring a sea of blue to Albany and you can help New York’s leaders see blue on April 11th with your gift right now. The more New Yorkers we can bring to Albany, the stronger our message will be. Let’s show our leaders that we’re committed to protecting our precious water resources from Buffalo to the Bronx. We’re not willing to put short-term profits ahead of the long-term health and safety of our water and our families. Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Marcy Stengel Membership Director P.S. We know not everyone can join us for this event. But if you can’t join us, consider sending someone to the rally to stand with us. Please chip in today. Environmental Advocates of New York;

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Natural News Updates: Radiation Truth, FDA and Your Right to Natural Food, Safe Foods, etc.

Dear NaturalNews readers, When reading about Fukushima and radiation, you may not want to get your information from the mainstream media. As it turns out, a lot of the reporting published on some of the top-name news websites from around the world would flunk high school physics on the topic of radiation. Today, I break down an Associated Press report that demonstrates a shocking lack of knowledge about radiation and physics. And this is the news source that gets reprinted in newspapers all across the world! Read more in my article: In an eye-opening revelation, the FDA has actually said the American people have no natural right to food unless the FDA gives you permission first. Seriously. Read more at: What should you do with fresh spinach that might actually be good for your children? Just kill it! That's what a microbiologist says: There's no such thing as "safe" fresh spinach. Incredible: Have you read about the experiment using microwaved water that actually killed the plants instead of keeping them alive? I wonder what microwaved food does to your body?