Sunday, April 3, 2011

Natural News Updates: Radiation Truth, FDA and Your Right to Natural Food, Safe Foods, etc.

Dear NaturalNews readers, When reading about Fukushima and radiation, you may not want to get your information from the mainstream media. As it turns out, a lot of the reporting published on some of the top-name news websites from around the world would flunk high school physics on the topic of radiation. Today, I break down an Associated Press report that demonstrates a shocking lack of knowledge about radiation and physics. And this is the news source that gets reprinted in newspapers all across the world! Read more in my article: In an eye-opening revelation, the FDA has actually said the American people have no natural right to food unless the FDA gives you permission first. Seriously. Read more at: What should you do with fresh spinach that might actually be good for your children? Just kill it! That's what a microbiologist says: There's no such thing as "safe" fresh spinach. Incredible: Have you read about the experiment using microwaved water that actually killed the plants instead of keeping them alive? I wonder what microwaved food does to your body?

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