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Global Elite, Zionist Groups, Bill Gates, Behind "Push" for Geo-Thermal Engineering

In August 1883 the painter Edvard Munch witnessed an unusual blood-red sunset over Oslo. Shaken up by it, he wrote in his diary that he "felt a great, unending scream piercing through nature". The incident inspired him to create his most famous work, The Scream.

The sunset he saw that evening followed the eruption of Krakatoa off the coast of Java. The explosion, one of the most violent in recorded history, sent a massive plume of ash into the stratosphere, turning sunsets red around the globe. The gases emitted also caused the Earth to cool by more than one degree and disrupted weather patterns for several years.

The cooling effect of large volcanic eruptions has been known for some time. A haze forms from the sulphur dioxide spewed into the upper atmosphere reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth. It's estimated that the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 — the largest since Krakatoa — cooled the Earth by around 0.5°C for a year or more.

Now, a powerful coalition of forces is quietly constellating around the idea of transforming the Earth's atmosphere by simulating volcanic eruptions to counter the warming effects of carbon pollution. Engineering the planet's climate system is attracting the attention of scientists, scientific societies, venture capitalists and conservative think tanks. Despite the enormity of what is being proposed — nothing less than taking control of Earth's climate system — the public has been almost entirely excluded from the planning.

The Royal Society defines geoengineering as "the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change" and divides methods into two types: carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, and solar radiation management aimed at reducing heat coming in or reflecting more of it out.

Techniques ranging from the intriguing to the wacky have been proposed to remove carbon from the atmosphere, including fertilising the oceans with iron filings to promote the growth of tiny marine plants that absorb carbon dioxide, installing in the ocean a vast number of floating funnels that draw nutrient-rich cold water from the deep to encourage algal blooms that suck carbon dioxide from the air, and construction of thousands of 'sodium trees' that extract carbon dioxide directly from the air and turn it into sodium bicarbonate.

Some of the ideas put forward to block the Sun's heat would be far-fetched even in a science fiction novel. One is to send billions of reflective discs to a point in space known as L1 and located between the Earth and the Sun. Another is to launch hundreds of special unmanned ships that plough the oceans sending up plumes of water vapour that increase cloud cover. Or dark-coloured forests could be converted into light-coloured grasslands that reflect more sunlight.

Enhanced dimming

But the option that is taken most seriously is altogether grander in conception and scale. The scheme proposes nothing less than the transformation of the chemical composition of the Earth's atmosphere so that humans can regulate the temperature of the planet as desired. Like volcanic eruptions, it involves injecting sulphur dioxide gas into the stratosphere to blanket the Earth with tiny particles that reflect solar radiation.

Various schemes have been proposed, with the most promising being adaptation of high-flying aircraft fitted with extra tanks and nozzles to spray the chemicals. A fleet of 747s could do the job. To have the desired effect we would need the equivalent of one Mount Pinatubo eruption every three or four years. The emissions from the eruption in April of Iceland's 'Mount Unpronounceable' were less than a hundredth of those from Pinatubo, so to engineer the climate we'd need the equivalent of one of those every week, every year for decades.

More cautious scientists recognise that attempting to regulate the Earth's climate by enhancing global dimming is fraught with dangers. Most worryingly, the oceans are absorbing around a third of the extra carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere by humans, which is raising their acidity, dissolving corals and inhibiting shell-formation by marine organisms. Turning down the dimmer switch may reduce incoming solar radiation but would do nothing to slow ocean acidification. The climate system is hugely complicated and tinkering with it might be akin to introducing cane toads to control sugarcane beetles.

Moral hazards

Although ideas for climate engineering have been around for at least twenty years, until recently public discussion has been discouraged by the scientific community. Environmentalists and governments have been reluctant to talk about it too. The reason is simple: apart from its unknown side-effects, geoengineering would weaken resolve to reduce carbon emissions.

Economically it is an extremely attractive substitute because its cost is estimated to be "trivial" compared to those of cutting carbon pollution. While the international community has found it difficult to agree on strong collective measures to reduce carbon emissions, climate engineering is cheap, immediately effective and, most importantly, available to a single nation.

Among the feasible contenders for unilateral intervention, one expert names China, the USA, the European Union, Russia, India, Japan and Australia. Could they agree? It's like seven people living together in a centrally heated house, each with their own thermostat and each with a different ideal temperature. China will be severely affected by warming, but Russia might prefer the globe to be a couple of degrees warmer.

If there is no international agreement an impatient nation suffering the effects of climate disruption may decide to act alone. It is not out of the question that in three decades the climate of the Earth could be determined by a handful of Communist Party officials in Beijing. Or the government of an Australia crippled by permanent drought, collapsing agriculture and ferocious bushfires could risk the wrath of the world by embarking on a climate control project.

To date, governments have shunned geoengineering for fear of being accused of wanting to avoid their responsibilities with science fiction solutions. The topic is not mentioned in the Stern report and receives only one page in Australia's Garnaut report (see Section 2.4.2). As a sign of its continuing political sensitivity, when in April 2009 it was reported that President Obama's new science adviser John Holdren had said that geoengineering is being vigorously discussed as an emergency option in the White House, he immediately felt the need to issue a "clarification" claiming that he was only expressing his personal views.

Holdren is one of the sharpest minds in the business and would not be entertaining what is now known as 'Plan B'— engineering the planet to head off catastrophic warming — unless he was fairly sure Plan A would fail.

Fiddling with the dimmer switch may prove an almost irresistible political fix for governments. It gets powerful lobbies off their backs, gives the green light to burn more coal, avoids the need to raise petrol taxes, allows unrestrained growth and is no threat to consumer lifestyles.

In short, compared to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, geoengineering gets everyone off the hook. No government is yet willing to lend official support to geoengineering. However, the pressure is building and the day when the government of a major nation like the United States, Russia or China publicly backs Plan B cannot be far off. Then the floodgates will open.

Even now, beneath the radar, Russia has already begun testing. Yuri Izrael, a Russian scientist who is both a global-warming sceptic and a senior adviser to Prime Minister Putin, has tested the effects of aerosol spraying from a helicopter on solar radiation reaching the ground. He now plans a full-scale trial.

Strangelove and son

Two of the earliest and most aggressive advocates of planetary engineering were Edward Teller and Lowell Wood. Teller, who died in 2003, was the co-founder and director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory near San Francisco, described by US author Jeff Goodell as having a "near-mythological status as the dark heart of weapons research". Teller is often described as the "father of the hydrogen bomb" and was the inspiration for Dr. Strangelove, the wheelchair-bound mad scientist prone to Nazi salutes in Stanley Kubrick's 1964 film of that name.

Lowell Wood was recruited by Teller to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and became his protégé. For decades Wood was one of the Pentagon's foremost "weaponeers", leading him to be christened "Dr. Evil" by critics. He led the group tasked with developing Ronald Reagan's ill-fated Star Wars missile shield that included plans for an array of orbiting X-ray lasers powered by nuclear reactors.

Since 1998 Wood and Teller have been promoting aerosol spraying into the stratosphere as a simple and cheap counter to global warming. Reflecting the dominant opinion of the 1950s, they believe it is humankind's duty to exert supremacy over nature. It is perhaps for this reason that they have long been associated with conservative think tanks that deny the existence of human-induced global warming. Both men have been associated with the Hoover Institution, a centre of climate scepticism partly funded by ExxonMobil, and Wood is listed as an expert with the George C. Marshall Institute, a Washington think tank that became one of the main centres of climate denial in the 1990s.

It is strange that geoengineering is being promoted enthusiastically by a number of right-wing think tanks that are active in climate denialism. The American Enterprise Institute, an influential think tank also part-funded by ExxonMobil that offered US$10,000 to academics for papers debunking the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has launched a high-profile project to promote geoengineering.

Of course, geoengineering protects their supporters and financiers in the fossil industries because it can be a substitute for carbon reductions and justify delay. But a deeper explanation lies in their beliefs about the relationship of humans to the natural world.
Pursuing abatement is an admission that industrial society has harmed nature, while engineering the Earth's climate would be confirmation of our mastery over it — final proof that, whatever minor errors made on the way, human ingenuity and faith in our own abilities will always triumph. Geoengineering promises to turn failure into triumph.

Lowell Wood believes that climate engineering is inevitable; it's a matter of time before the 'political elites' wake up to its cheapness and effectiveness. In a statement that could serve as Earth's epitaph, he declared: "We've engineered every other environment we live in—why not the planet?"

Wood is contemptuous of the ability of world leaders to reduce emissions (which he dubs "the bureaucratic suppression of CO2") and of their ability to reach a consensus on trialling geoengineering. He predicts that necessity will overrun popular resistance to the idea of fiddling with the atmosphere.

Faced with this resistance, Wood speculates about getting private funding from a billionaire for an experiment. "As far as I can determine, there is no law that prohibits doing something like this". Wood is right: there is no law against a private individual attempting to take control of the Earth's climate.

Regulating climate regulation

This goes to the heart of the push to develop the tools for climatic manipulation. The debate over climate engineering is at present confined largely to a tight-knit group of scientists, some of whom want to keep the public in the dark and fend off regulation of their activities. In his book, How To Cool the Planet, Goodell describes a series of three private dinners in early 2009 that brought together the main players. Convened by two of the leading advocates, Ken Caldeira of Stanford University and David Keith of the University of Calgary, they were "a turning point in the evolution of geoengineering as a policy tool".

In March this year a private meeting of leading climate engineers,held in Asilomar, California, aimed to develop guidelines to govern research and testing. The invitees wanted a voluntary code of conduct that would forestall regulation by governments and the international community so that the experts could work unhindered at their task of understanding how to control of the Earth's climate system.

David Keith argues that an international treaty may be unnecessary because the use of solar radiation management could be regulated by unwritten "norms". This is despite his acknowledgement that the threat of unilateral action is very real; any one of a dozen countries could begin it within a few years. Indeed, one wealthy individual could transform the atmosphere and, with enough determination, bring on an ice age.

Perhaps the wealthy individual he has in mind is Bill Gates, who has covertly been funding geoengineering research for three years with advice from Keith and Caldeira. They now oversee Gates' research fund, which has spent some $4.5 million to date, including funding the three private dinners. Keith will not reveal what the money is being spent on, downplaying it as "a little private funding agency". Right—the world's richest man has a little private funding agency devoted to researching ways to manipulate the Earth's climate system. Conspiracy theory anyone?

Gates is also an investor in a firm named Intellectual Ventures that is promoting a scheme called "StratoShield", which would pump sulphur dioxide into the upper atmosphere through a 30-kilometre hose held aloft by V-shaped blimps. Intellectual Ventures is run by Nathan Myhrvold, former chief technology officer at Microsoft, and includes Lowell Wood among its associates.

Gates is not the only billionaire lone ranger who wants to save the planet. Richard Branson has set up his own "war room" to do battle with global warming. The battalions he wants to mobilise on "the path to victory" are successful entrepreneurs—like himself—and their weapons are "market driven solutions to climate change", including geoengineering.

The Carbon War Room — where inspirational quotes from Branson are mixed in with those of other titans like Churchill, Roosevelt and Einstein — represents the type of rich man's folly common amongst modern entrepreneurs with a Messiah complex.

The War Room site promotes a paper co-authored by Lee Lane of the American Enterprise Institute and published by the centre run by "skeptical environmentalist" Bjorn Lomborg. It argues that the benefits of geoengineering vastly outweigh the costs and shows how to set an optimal temperature for the Earth for the next two hundred years.

The authors worry that ethical objections from environmental advocacy groups may block the deployment of solar radiation management, before noting with relief, "in reality, important economies remain largely beyond the influence of environmental advocacy groups." They expect deployment of solar radiation management will be led by nations with weak environmental lobbies—which of course means dictatorships.

Blue-sky dreaming

More vivid sunsets like the one Edvard Munch saw in 1883 would be one of the consequences of using sulphate aerosols to engineer the climate; but a more disturbing effect of enhanced dimming would be the permanent whitening of day-time skies. A washed-out sky would become the norm.

If the nations of the world resort to climate engineering, and in doing so relieve pressure to cut carbon emissions, then the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would continue to rise and so would the latent warming that would need suppressing. It would then become impossible to call a halt to sulphur injections into the stratosphere, even for a year or two, without an immediate jump in temperature.

It's estimated that, if whoever controls the scheme decided to stop, the back-up of greenhouse gases could see warming rebound at a rate 10-20 times faster than in the recent past, a phenomenon referred to, apparently without irony, as the "termination problem".

Once we start manipulating the atmosphere we could be trapped, forever dependent on a program of sulphur injections into the stratosphere. In that case, human beings would never see a blue sky again.

• 16 September update: Projects supported by the Gates' fund are now fully disclosed online

From the Guardian, Uk - 9/2010

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Chemtrails on CBS with Roxy Lopez

February 10, 2020

Day of the Interview with CBS

Pat McReynolds from CBS and his camera man came to interview Roxy Lopez for a couple of hours on February 10th at there home in Arizona. Roxy and her husband Steve poured coffee and openly discussed there backgrounds such as living in Seattle, the music and entertainment business (Roxy and her hubby are in the industry), the band 'Queensryche' and the tour "Operation Mindcrime", & Deadliest Catch (because Roxy's hubby Steve is a 24 year veteran to the Crab Fishing industry). Both Pat and the CBS camera man wished there 'significant others were present' so they too could share in this conversation and of course meet them. Pat mentioned his wife would "corner Steve if she ever had the chance because she is a BIG "Deadliest Catch" fan."

Coffee and celebrity style conversation. But wait, they were there to interview Roxy Lopez from The Truth Denied about Geoengineering/Chemtrails. Were they at the right house?


Roxy broached the subject of chemtrails and took out some files and some photos. Files included The infamous H.R. 2877 Act entitled "Space Preservation Act of 2001", and H.R. 2420 Space Preservation Act of 2005 (a 2005 continuation of the H.R. 2877 introduced in the House 109th Congress) that addresses electronic,phsychotronic information weapons, chemtrails, high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems, chemical ,biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons, etc. Roxy Lopez also presented the John Hopkins’s advanced academic programs such as "Master of Science in Energy Policy and Climate that addresses programs and academia regarding for students learning climate control studies, as well as some of the Agriculture Alert-Action Items regarding Weather Modification Bills set for passage early 2009 such as U.S Senate Bills 1807, 2191, 3036, and U.S House Bills 3445 and draft bill by congressman Dingell. Included in these were the Climate Security and Climate Change Legislation which also address Cap & Trade Bills which apparently will be more Stock market oriented designed as Cap & Trade Bills under the heading of climate security acts. They even offered up the World Meteorological Organization Documents, otherwise known as WMO Documents on weather modification approved by the Commission for Atmospheric Sciences Management Group, that detail "Purposeful augmentation of precipitation, rain and snow enhancement, fog reduction, etc. This document addresses a number of issues associated with hundreds of weather modification programs, as well as the scientific status of weather modification programs currently in place.

Roxy also addressed the patents associated such as Patent #6315213-Method of Modifying Weather, 6056203 Method and apparatus for modifying super cooled clouds as well as Patent# 6382526 Process and apparatus for the production of nano fibers. She mentioned USDA Farm Agency Crop Loss Adjuster Rosalind Peterson and her discoveries and reports on GeoEngineering, former Arizona Senator Karen Johnson, and Michael Murphy and his film "What in the World are They Spraying?” She mentioned California's Doctor Staninger's views on "weaponized mycoplasm Vs. Nanotechnology. Caroline Carter of Cyprus's work on Morgellons Disease. Roxy also referred to NOAA and the countless Weather Modification programs at there disposal, NASA, EPA, and a government application document known as Owning the weather by 2025.

Roxy Lopez made sure to send in an email most of the above mentioned, her website which includes all of her radio interviews on with hosts such as Jerry Pippin, Dr. Bernard Alvarez, Nightwatch, her You tube channel which depicts the controversial Chem Web lab tests and Pinal Airpark which is really a highly guarded facility known as Evergreen Inc., located on the public "bone yards" front entrance.

I think you get the picture here


Moving along, the "Chemtrail" interview was filmed with Pat McReynold's asking Roxy Lopez a series of questions on camera, while Steve (hubby) filmed the CBS interview in it's entirety as a back up of sorts. All seemed to go well, and they had time to film and one last piece in there back yard, where Roxy and Pat shake hands and Pat asks the question " Is there anything else you would like to add Roxy?", and Roxy Lopez puts out her hand to shake his, and says "Yes, Pat. I would like to thank you so much for doing this interview "and sincerely added ”Pat, maybe you can get some answers, or at least start the conversation with our public officials", to which Pat replied "I will do my best".

It was a wonderful clear blue sky in Arizona, and they bid there goodbyes outside of there home , wishing them a safe journey back and luck with the investigation. Pat said he would be in touch and he would let us know when the piece was going to air on the CBS News, as well said "Please don't release anything you guys filmed today until I find out if it's okay to do so on You Tube or a documentary".

Of course Roxy Lopez honored these requests, and thusly has the entire footage of the interview backed up and safe. The Truth Denied has not released it to the general public. AND, it holds the truth of the enitre CBS on camera interview.

TODAY: February 24, 2010

On the evening of February 23, 2010, CBS aired the taping of the Roxy Lopez interview on the news, as well had a written article on the CBS. Roxy Lopez was never contacted by Pat McReynolds regarding the filming that happened in there home, neither received any responses from Pat regarding information she had sent to him via his email address The article and video he did seems quite one sided to most, although he did bring up one great point.

"Every contrail is just good old-fashioned airplane exhaust, and that's all it is," said Verdaglio.
You'll get the same answer from NASA, NOAA, the FAA, the EPA, and the Air Force. All of these federal agencies say chemtrails are bogus."

This response is actually the truth, whether you are an inquiring mind, a general citizen, a chemtrail/geoengineering activist, an attorney, etc. You will get the same blanket clause answer.

LOPEZ comments:

“I see the obvious. We could all point fingers at CBS journalist Pat McReynold's and claim he did not do his homework, regardless of how much evidence was given to him by both and It is most unfortunate that a journalist of 18 years in the making knew that THIS door was closed before it could even be opened. Obviously, this reporter’s hands are tied.

He can join the club.

Our work has just begun in this area (Geoengineering), and we will not stop until we get some answers. We are fearless in our endeavors, as the truth is right around the corner. If you value humanity, you too will do what you can everyday to aid your fellow man.

After all, Chemtrails Kill.

". ~Roxy Lopez

If you care to write CBS directly:
4016 N. Black Canyon Hwy.
Phoenix, AZ 85017

CBS 5 GENERAL MANAGER - accepts viewer concerns and suggestions -

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Whats Up With the Weather These Days?

BluesBerry wrote:

I believe two things are happening with the weather; one is natural and the other is not.

The natural phenomenon is that periodically the earth crust slips; this is caused by magnetic shift in the core on the earth. It’s like the peel of a tomato slipping. Countries that were hot become cold and vice versa. However, this is a slow phenomenon that occures once every (maybe) 11,000 years. This is why we find long-dead animals in the Artic with spring foliage in their stomachs, or why we find salt-water fish in fresh-water lakes. Though the phenomenon only occurs @ 11,000 years, when it happens, it happens swiftly, so swiftly that neither man nor animal has time to react. (Theory was developed by Charlas Hapgood.)

In 2004 Hutton and co-author Jonathan Eagle published Earth's Catastrophic Past and Future: A Scientific Analysis of Information, which summarized possible mechanisms and the timing of a future pole shift. Among these are:
A postglacial crustal rebound.
A high-velocity asteroid or comet which hits Earth moving the mantle.
An unusually magnetic celestial object passing close to Earth reorienting the magnetic field.

The unnatural, human-made weapon is indeed a WMD. The United States has this weapon; it is called HAARP.

Russia has this weapon; it is called SURA.

Way back in thr 1970s, The United Nations ruled these weather weapons were illegal & forbidden. These weather machines play with the ionesphere. They can cause earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricaines – just about anything you want the weather to do against whomever you want the weather to do it.

Unfortunatley, no one seems too interested in exploring these Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction, though I consider them more dangerous than nukes because people literally do not know what's hitting them. They tend to believe that only God can control the weather.

I believe WMDs like HAARP and SURA are the greatest threat to the future of our climate and our world.

Having said this, they may also be our greatest hope. If these weapons can make bad weather, could they not also make rain where there is drought, etc.

The Red Road - Lakotah Medicine Man Prophecy Pt 4

A call for compassion and spiritual awakening............

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U.S. Breaks Out in Student Revolts

This year, Students for a Democratic Society supports the month-long call to action in March and is calling on students nationwide to take action on March 2nd of 2011. We believe that education is a right, not an economic privilege for the advantaged. We demand and fight for a university that is for everyone! We believe big administrators on campus should cut their own pay checks instead off raising our tuition. We say “Chop from the Top!”; cuts should be made to the bloated salaries of those on top. Front-end staff should not have to endure layoffs and furloughs. We also unite with the demands coming out of Arizona where programs like Ethnic Studies are at risk; these programs are NOT expendable. We want student, worker and faculty control over our universities; we should be in control of our own futures and lives.

We also have significant concerns that should be paid attention to this year. While education is under attack, while the U.S. government maintains war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan, while the Egyptian people opposed and ousted a regime that the U.S. government has propped up for so long, activists here are facing jail time for opposing U.S. foreign policy. Anti-war activists and international solidarity activists, including one woman from SDS, have been subpoenaed before a grand jury for an investigation of “material support to terrorism”. These accusations are meant to scare and intimidate people away from speaking out against the government, and highlight the importance of continuing to organize and protest. We will not see our futures crumble to these scare tactics and we will fight back against them!

Finally, we see the actions students are taking all over the world, such as in the United Kingdom and Italy, and we are inspired by their courage and determination.

SDS is calling on chapters to organize and take action on March 2nd, 2011. When people come together and demand change, a better world is possible. Strike, rally, walkout, occupy, sit-in, teach-in, leaflet, or table! Whatever you’re doing we want to hear about it! Make March 2nd a day to remember. Education is a right, now is the time to fight!

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Massive Chemtrails Over SW Wisconsin

Yesterday/2/11/02 there was a massive spray campaign going on over Southwestern Wisconsin. The signature X's and cross hatched tracks were being laid down and the clouds that resulted bore the HAARP Wave signature pattern/striation. I checked the Gakona AK HAARP induction magnetometer site, and found that they have it running full blast, just as they did before the Tsunami, the Haiti quake, and Katrina.

Here is the last 36 hours:

It wrapped around so you may have to cut and paste it into your browser to see it. Have a look though,I just wonder where the next big "event" is due to take place.

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Chemtrails are a Part HAARP


This is the official Web site for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program...(HAARP) -

(The main office is in Alaska, but there are several branches all over the world!)

HAARP Explained, a vid;

Where it is, what it is, how its done, and the questions and allegations and suspicions;

Be sure to see the "Fact Sheet,";

They say HAARP is NOT designed for use as a weapon, and the question was asked: Why is the DoD Involved?
And answered:
The Department of Defense (DoD) conducts Arctic research to ensure the development of the knowledge, understanding and capa...bility to meet national defense needs in the Arctic. Interest in ionosphere research at HAARP stems both from the large number of communication, surveillance and navigation systems that have radio paths which pass through the ionosphere, and from the unexplored potential of technological innovations which suggest applications such as detecting underground objects, communicating to great depths in the sea or earth, and generating infrared and optical emissions. Expanding our knowledge about the interactions of signals passing through or reflecting from the ionosphere can help to solve future problems in the development of DoD systems, and could as well enhance the utilization of commercial systems which rely on the expedient transfer of real-time communications.

Weather Manipulation the new WMD of choice / weaponization of weather

Can they spray us? Yes then can;

An appeal to Obomba and all you ever need to know about chemtrails;

Chemtrails in my backyard;

The father of it all;

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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Chemtrail Watcher in WI;

Hi Folks,

I watched an airshow(LOL)of biblical proportions over southeast WI yesterday. I was in a hirise building close to Mitchell airport and could clearly distinguish commercial traffic from the all white chemical tankers. With regular traffic calmly easing in and out of the airport the skies above were infested with chemtrail planes numbering about ten to twelve "swipes" every fifteen minutes. I couldn't tell if it was the same planes doubling back or whether there was actually a force of thirty planes operating at any given moment. It is important to understand that we have had virtually no sun around here in three weeks and on the first clear day we get body slammed! In the morning it was clear calm and peaceful and by the time I got on the road at 4pm the sky was a disaster area.

All of that being said I would have to conclude that this particular operation is similar to what I have seen many times over the years. They advance ahead of a weather front, concentrate on the body of water (Lake Michigan)and do whatever Frankenstein moves they make ala the atmospheric microwaving. It seems to me that their favorite trick is a counter-clockwise rotation over Lake Michigan. So , right on cue, we are due for 20 inches of snow from the northeast in the next few days.

The other completely astounding thing to me was that this all happened in a busy public area, ten floors up, in front of multiple picture windows and I was the only one who had a clue that this was not normal. I have never fully understood the phenomenon of collective ignorance-passivity syndrome as clearly as I now do. God help us.

If this country ever has its "Egyptian" moment it will be immense and course changing indeed. If the citizens ever realize that much of their ongoing misery is due to government intervention and manipulation look out. But then again the Superbowl is on next week....and American Idol.... so I won't hold my to speak;

Peace and Progress towards a cooperative and non-violent world.