Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chemtrails are a Part HAARP


This is the official Web site for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program...(HAARP) -

(The main office is in Alaska, but there are several branches all over the world!)

HAARP Explained, a vid;

Where it is, what it is, how its done, and the questions and allegations and suspicions;

Be sure to see the "Fact Sheet,";

They say HAARP is NOT designed for use as a weapon, and the question was asked: Why is the DoD Involved?
And answered:
The Department of Defense (DoD) conducts Arctic research to ensure the development of the knowledge, understanding and capa...bility to meet national defense needs in the Arctic. Interest in ionosphere research at HAARP stems both from the large number of communication, surveillance and navigation systems that have radio paths which pass through the ionosphere, and from the unexplored potential of technological innovations which suggest applications such as detecting underground objects, communicating to great depths in the sea or earth, and generating infrared and optical emissions. Expanding our knowledge about the interactions of signals passing through or reflecting from the ionosphere can help to solve future problems in the development of DoD systems, and could as well enhance the utilization of commercial systems which rely on the expedient transfer of real-time communications.

Weather Manipulation the new WMD of choice / weaponization of weather

Can they spray us? Yes then can;

An appeal to Obomba and all you ever need to know about chemtrails;

Chemtrails in my backyard;

The father of it all;

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