Friday, March 18, 2011

Chemtrails in AZ / Barium Tests Results

It is in our air and in our blood, this is all I can say.
The email below is from residents of Golden Valley, Arizona. This is the beginning of our research of barium and aluminum in air particulates, as reported in lab analysis.
Now, Arizona residents are verifying the air results with blood testing analysis.
Below are some of the blood analysis results, from Golden Valley Arizona.

Today I received the blood test results for my BARIUM levels and I am 130!!! I remind you that according to the test, 10 is the highest that should be in people... click here to download a copy ;

How can barium affect our health? * Difficulties in breathing * Increased blood pressure * Changes in heart rhythm * Stomach irritation * Brain swelling * Muscle weakness * Damage to the liver, kidney, heart, and spleen.
So far we have other 2 residents in Golden Valley with extremely elevated levels of BARIUM in their blood

Bridget Langston Levels 190 !!! Alan De Cicco levels 150 !!!

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