Saturday, January 29, 2011

NOAA Weather Spawning

by Dr. X in Ohio

Watching the Commercial Live Titan Radar for the past ten days,
my study has clearly defined a HAARPs ChemTrails Generated
Spawning of Snow Storms over the Western Tier of the United States.

Locations of developement are over the Dakatos, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. E mail accounts of atmospheric Spraying of both Di-Bromide Dessicants in Washington, Oregon, Vancouver, BC and with the levels or
organic bacterium contained, precip. Nucleating particles and their horrendous sprayings have been causative of massive Flu Like Symptoms,
shortness of Breath, Low Blood Oxygen Levels and general Malaise.

These Storms are borne of the HAARPs ELF wave forms, which cause
Coldness in the areas of Radiation, includes the GWEN Towers auxillaries.
Super Frozen Snow Ice Crystal-laden Clouds are carried high twoard the Tier of US an Canada...then launched around Minnesota to dive SouthEastward.....across the Great Lakes Region...picking up more Moisture.

Then these Storm Systems are collided with Gulf Moisture Streams over
the Plains States....and travel Eastward, across Ohio and onward to New York, DC and Virginia. One after another...relentless.

These Artificial Storms also keep the Grounds Frozen in the Bread Belts, Farmers continue to belay the planting of Grain Crops as a result.

Poison our air, poison our precip. horribly pollute the Surface Waters (eventually Groundwaters) with 12 known Carcenogens as Heavy-Metals
biological organisms such as a mutated e-coli (Genetically mutated with Fusarium Fungus) causaing a respiratory-nightmare for those inhaling or exposing themselves to it...even for brief periods, or getting their heads wet with Snow, rain etc. The Pneumonia is Bacterial and is TB.

This is just an observation from one that has constantly watched these
Demon Driven Minions continue to 'force-technologies' that will eventually
harm all Living things on this Planet.

Call for an immediate Abolishment of NOAA, EPA, Coast Guard, DNR's

Here, take a look for yourself...Live Titan Radar...just roll out to see the entire US...look over to the left...Canada, upper Tier US....see how they dive SE to roll across the Great a conveyor Belt...hey, but that's money money money for Salt for roads, more Foods to be purchased, more Electrical power for heating, more Natural Gas usage, more of everything...just use more, $$$$

Get it ?

Thanks for sharing Doc

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