Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rockin' the Big-Oil & Gas Boat (3rd. Ed.)

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GE developing next generation of solar "thin-film" panels
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Already the Big-Oil and Gas Guys (The BO&GGs or BOGG's) are disparging this idea, making up all kinds of negative stuff about it,...like "we" dont get enough sun," ..."too much space," and "too expensive." Well this will be bad news for them. This industry is so far advanced that they are making them as thin as paper! They are working on a way to make it so you can print them up off of your computer at home! I"m not kidding, look it up. The idea is to put them in masss-production so that we can buy them on the cheap @ any WalMart$ someday. With this new innovation, the solar energy business is going to take off like a (pardon the pun) "rocket in the sun." Just want ya'll to keep this is mind whenever you hear the BOGGs talking shit about solar energy, just know that they are talking about an industry that very well might be the end of them, and they know it. Just wait untl that ole Mule-Faced Corporate-Raider-Marketeer, Mr. T Bone NosePickins Big Bag of Wind & Gas & Oil guy gets wind of this devistatin' news,.... I bet he will be blowed away! I'll bet you he'll be on the phone and running all over the place buying up all the solar energy stocks. I wouldnt be one bit suprized if he started right in to building solar energy plants of his own. He could incorporate them into his wind-mill farms hes got springin up all over the place, and call his "New Pickins Plan" enterprize "Big Wind & Sun Energy." I bet he could corner the market in alternative energy very easily. Now wouldnt that be a nice windfall for him? Lucky bastard. His life must be a gas! Buuuuuu HHaaaaaaa (my evil laugh)
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