Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No To Fracking in New York State

The New York State Legislature is coming back to the Capitol this week. Before they leave town again, it’s critical that our lawmakers pass legislation to protect New York and our precious waters from the dangers of industrial gas drilling.
We need state legislators to know that New Yorkers like you are watching and expect our lawmakers to guarantee us safe, clean water.

Call Senate Majority Leader Sampson at 866-403-3551 and Assembly Speaker Silver at 866-374-0409, listen or click here for your script.
Don’t have time to call? Click here to send an email.

It is vitally important that you call leaders in the Senate and Assembly today. Let Senate Majority Leader Sampson and Assembly Speaker Silver know that lawmakers CANNOT leave Albany without passing legislation to protect our waters from natural gas drilling.

The oil and gas industry is eager to drill in New York using a risky technique called hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.” Fracking has the potential to endanger our drinking water. This water-intensive and highly polluting technique has ruined drinking water in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Wyoming. We need to make sure that New York’s waters are safe before drilling begins here.

Legislation that would hold off on drilling permits until the Legislature has time to update our laws has been introduced in both houses. It’s the least our lawmakers can do to protect our drinking water. Call Majority Leader Sampson at 866-403-3551 and Speaker Silver at 866-374-0409 today and ask them to slow the rush to drill.

The Legislature needs to pass legislation to create a time-out on drilling, and they need to do it before they adjourn. Without their action, the Department of Environmental Conservation could begin issuing permits to drill by year’s end using a fatally flawed plan that is not protective of our communities or water.
Call our legislative leaders now and let them know that New York is watching.
Thank you.

Katherine Nadeau
Water & Natural Resources Program Director
Environmental Advocates of New York

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