Monday, February 23, 2009

Bill of Rights for Animals

For those of you who didn’t know, today kicks off National Justice for Animals Week!

Started by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), February 22-28 is a week dedicated to raising awareness of animal abuse and to share information on how communities can come together to create and enforce tougher laws to protect animals.

As part of this week, the ALDF would like to send a message to Congress that we, the people, support legislation that protects animals and provides them with basic legal rights.

Enter the Bill of Rights for Animals, which would entitle animals to the following:

The Right of animals to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

The Right of laboratory animals not to be used in cruel or unnecessary experiments.

The Right of farm animals to an environment that satisfies their basic physical and psychological needs.

The Right of companion animals to a healthy diet, protective shelter, and adequate medical care.

The Right of wildlife to a natural habitat, ecologically sufficient to a normal existence and self-sustaining species population.

The Right of animals to have their interests represented in court and safeguarded by the law of the land.
These all seem to be fairly straightforward ideas. Unfortunately, from backyards to factory farming and labs, animals are still suffering and cases of abuse and neglect aren’t a scarcity.

That being said, it’s time to speak up for out voiceless friends and send a clear message to Congress that we want legal protection for animals. While it's not an actual bill, hopefully someday it will be. It’s also something that legislators will certainly have to consider the next time a piece of legislation to protect animals passes through their hands.

As of today, there are 261, 659 signatures and counting. Just kidding, it’s 261, 686. 27 people signed in the time it took me to write this!

Please take a moment to add your name in support of the Bill of Rights for Animals, and be sure to spread the word to at least 500 of your nearest and dearest!

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