Monday, February 23, 2009

Animal sanctuary boss defiant over cancer

Keith Hall with one of the animals he cares for.
21 February 2009 17:00

A dedicated animal sanctuary owner diagnosed with cancer has been told he may not have long to live - but insisted he will carry on fighting and caring for his animals for as long as he can.

Keith Hall, 62, who runs Hallswood Animal sanctuary in Stratton Strawless, has been told by doctors the throat cancer he was diagnosed with has become more aggressive and the chemotherapy he was receiving at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is not going to help.

He said: “I have still got fight in me, and while that is there, I will carry on. The doctors have said I may die, but I do not think that way, you have to have hope.”

He is now turning to alternative medicine to help relieve his symptoms. He says homeopathic medicine he orders from Mexico, because they are not available in the UK, have made him feel better.

Mr Hall said: “I know something like this does not work for everybody, but since using this treatment I can eat, I am back at work and I feel a lot better than I have done in a long time.”

Mr Hall revealed he had been overwhelmed by the support he has received since news of his illness was announced In January.

Since then he has been inundated with thousands of emails, cards and telephone calls from well wishers and fellow cancer sufferers.

He said: “I want people to know, that even if the doctors may say there is no hope, that is not the case, there may be other routes or treatments out there for them.”

Mr Hall has been working with animals since his teenage years and by the 1970s had three sanctuaries in Essex.

He has spent almost 40 years rescuing injured and abandoned animals at Hallswood Animal Sanctuary in Stratton Strawless.

His first wife Ann died in 2003 when she died after contracting MRSA while in hospital, and that led him to become chairman of an MRSA support group campaigning for better conditions in hospitals.

In 2004 he was joined at the sanctuary by Lyz, whom he has married.

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I hope he can set up a better foundation than Sue Stiles did for her Dancing Star Farm Animal Sanctuary. She left it to environmentalists more concerned with wild-life conservation and preservation and have commenced killing off dozens of Sues sanctuary animals, more about that and sign our petition by clicking onto the title above.

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