Monday, May 31, 2010

BPs PartiaL Capping Method is WRONGWAY to Go, Will Further Damage Environment But Benefits BP Now & in the Long Run

Comment on BPs FB site, from someone who seems to think like me, that the only reason BP is "proceeding" as it is (trying to "partially" cap instead of to crimp it entirely closed) is because they want to keep the pressure line open so they can continue sucking some of the oil up (BP claims they are sucking up approx 5,000 gal per day,...some one should check them on that) and loading it into their ships. Also the method they are using will leave the flow open some AND LEAKING so BP can come back at a later time and make more money from that well

Here is the posters comment in response to BPs allegation that it is doing the best that it can:

"Fuck all you lying Speed and Coke whores BP plc. You know Exactly what Needs to be done. Ask any Real oilman. You fucked up the BOP, and now its leaking. Thanks to your Top Kill and golf ball Junk Shot, which you Knew would Not work. Oil and Gas is gushing through Top blown-out Pack-off ring in Casinghead, caused by Your recycled Bad Mud which was in backside (annulus). Hell, both Gordon and Blair, the Mud Engineers who died, they Both told you to "Chuck the mud". Did you listen to the Mud Engineers on the well? No, now you want to plug MaCondo well only to save Reservoir drive pressure. You dadgum bean counters. Who in the fuck do you Drug Addicts think you are kidding? Removing the BOP and stabbing into the Surface casing, U.S. only hope and option. Now go party, you MaCondo fucking Drug Addicts, it is Sunday night. Back to your Speed and Coke rails... Toot toot... CaseyJones;!/BPAmerica?v=wall

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