Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Earth-Day Revolution / Patriots Needed

On this 40th anniversary of the founding of Earth Day, now more than ever, we need to stand up and make our voices heard across this country and, most importantly, in Washington DC.

Every year, Earth Day is a celebration - this year we need to make it a Revolution.

Because for far too long, our country's energy policy has rewarded polluters and kept us overly-dependent on fossil fuel energy sources we have to buy from overseas, putting our economic and national security at risk.

Will you sign our declaration of energy independence right now?

When you sign our petition, you will be joining thousands of other Americans -- from leaders of the clean energy movement to environmentalists, veterans and your co-workers and neighbors. All of us are calling on the Senate to take action TODAY.

The more people who sign, the louder the message we can send to Washington. We can't allow another year, and another Earth Day to pass without progress.

Sign this declaration now and make your voice heard in Washington.

And then please forward this email to a friend. This year, Earth Day has a chance to be the biggest one yet -- thank you for your help.


Peter Lehner
Executive Director
NRDC Action Fund

Click on title above to Join the Revolution and Take the Pledge;

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