Monday, April 20, 2009

PETA ties to explain "Why We Euthanise"......

Well I guess after all the howling about PETAs high euthansia rate, the PETA-Folk have apparently decided to address the issue head-on in an article entitled "Why we euthanise."

The problem is, they only show a few cases of hopelessly sick and suffering animals who NO ONE would deny need to be euthanised. I have never had my intelligence so insulted from the mere reading of an article.

No one ever claimed there was no need for euthansia. Of course there is a need, but should only be used to end hopeless suffering.....PETA does not say anything about the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of healthy, young aboptable animals they euthanize every year, without even trying to find them ah, I am wondering, what is the point of this article? Tell us something we dont know, Peta. Why do you euthanise so many healthy animals? Why is your euthanisa rate so high?

Click on title above for PETAs article and BE WARNED, graphic photos of sick and suffering animals.

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